A Dad & Daughter Team

Meet Andrew & Ashleigh, the faces behind the brand. Andrew has over 30 years experience in shop fitting & carpentry. He is the King of Excel & brings all the jobs together with his super organizational skills and keeps Ashleigh in check so she can be the crazy creative. Ashleigh has her BA Fine Art (Hons) from UCT, Michaelis School of Fine Art and specializes in furniture techniques. Ashleigh sold her first painting when she was 14 and her dad has always been her Hero. Together they have a BIG passion for Young at H-art and hope to bring something to every home.


We offer 4 different finish options, please select the option you want in the drop down menu.


We use a clear non-toxic water based sealant to seal the wood giving the natural wood look. Note that with all Natural wood it will darken over time.


There are 2 separate options available.
White Wash - is a technique where we put a translucent layer of watered down white over the wood so that you can still see the wood grain. We then seal with a clear sealant.

Stained - is a technique where we use a wood stainer to enhance the grain to end up with a deeper "dark brown" colour. We then seal with a clear sealant.


After applying a primer, we paint the furniture with 2 coats in a solid colour using sponge rollers/brushes with a water based odourless enamel paint creating a textured finish. Please select from any of our standard colours.



After applying a primer the furniture is spray painted twice to leave a smooth even satin finish. Allow an additional 2 weeks for delivery if you select this option. Please select from any of our standard colours.